Monday, 22 September 2008

The Open Dialogues Associate Blog Commissions

Image: Open Dialogues

We are pleased to announce a programme of associate commissions for the Open Dialogues blog.

The Open Dialogues Blog is where Open Dialogues post reviews, essays and interviews relating to the practice of critical writing and contemporary live art. The blog also hosts announcements on Open Dialogues’ projects as well as news items from the world of live, collaborative, body based and new media work. Providing quality editorial content on live art, the Open Dialogues blog has a growing readership which includes live art commissioning organisations, artists, writers and producers in the UK and internationally.

The Open Dialogues Associate commission is a curated programme that invites new and existing writers to publish on the Open Dialogues blog. There will be approximately 8 Associate texts a year, commissioned from the existing Open Dialogues network including UK and international writers, producers, curators and artists. These texts will be in addition to the regular live art related news, announcements and critical writing currently posted by Open Dialogues.

The Associate commissions will focus specifically on contemporary time-based, new media and live work from emerging artists or artistic scenes, that are not already documented in text. It will also feature subjects or themes not previously written into contemporary debates on live art.

The inaugural Associate commission is by the vacuum cleaner collective, co-founder of the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination and founder of the very cooperative. The vacuum cleaner will be writing about their involvement at BLACKMARKET FOR USEFUL KNOWLEDGE AND NON- KNOWLEDGE No.11: ON WASTE at Liverpool’s Bluecoat Art Centre. The text will be forthcoming on the Open Dialogues blog in January 09.

Profiling new writers and the best in live art from the UK and internationally, the Open Dialogues blog is a comprehensive online location for quality critical writing on live art.

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