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Open Dialogues: Spill Associate

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Open Dialogues will be developing a small community of 6 writers inside the Spill Festival of Performance 09. This community will produce critical responses to the work seen at Spill. The writers will also have sustained one to one collaborations with the festival artists during Spill. We are looking for an associate to develop the programme and help us in our work during the festival. Please forward this call out to anyone you know who is London based and may be interested in the opportunity.


Open Dialogues: Spill Associate

Dates: 28 March – 26 April 09 (Part time, may include weekends and/or evenings)
Expenses/Fee: Expenses paid.

Description: Open Dialogues is a UK based collaboration that encourages informed, accessible critical writing and debate on contemporary art. We explore critical writing as discourse and practice in order to meet the exciting challenges of art that is live, transformative and participatory.

Open Dialogues: Spill is a collaborative writing project created by the directors of Open Dialogues, Rachel Lois Clapham and Mary Paterson, for the Spill Festival 09. Open Dialogues: Spill will bring together a community of writers to explore the practice of critical writing in relation to the work seen at Spill. The community of writers will attend one 2 day workshop, three peer critiques, collaborate with Spill artists, publish online and create ‘flash publications’ as well as take an active part in Spill Salons.

Duties: The Associate will work alongside Pacitti company staff, and Rachel Lois Clapham and Mary Paterson of Open Dialogues, to integrate Open Dialogues: Spill into the heart of the Spill community. You will be an advocate for the project, help co-ordinate specific writers/artist collaborations. You will also assist with set up of writing workshops, flash publishing activities, blogging and peer critiques sessions of Open Dialogues: Spill.

Skills: The Associate will need to be proficient in written and spoken English, computer literate and have good communication skills. You will also need to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the work being shown at Spill and committed to the aims and outcomes of the Open Dialogues: Spill.

Benefits: The Associate will be an integral part of the Spill festival and the Open Dialogues: Spill programme. You will have the opportunity to participate in Open Dialogues: Spill writing workshops, peer critiques, flash publishing activities and gain access to festival artists. You will also be able to take advantage of the professional development and peer support Open Dialogues: Spill offers. You and your work will be credited in all festival programme and publicity material.

Associate Commitment: The Associate will need to commit to the following programme dates, as well as providing co-ordination duties over the course of the festival 1-26 April. Any related writing or research you may wish to undertake as part of Spill: Overspill would be additional to these duties.

• Sat and Sun 28 and 29 March (all day). ‘Overspill - One Drop Too Many’ A two day collaborative workshop
• Weds 8 April 6pm – 8.30pm- group meeting/peer critique/jamming session
• Weds 15 April 6.00pm -8.30pm- group meeting/peer critique/jamming session
• Sat 25 April 12- 6pm – Salon Session

Aims of Open Dialogues: Spill
• To generate accessible critical writing and debate on the work shown at Spill 09 that involves and brings together Spill artists, visitors, writers and readers – both locally and internationally.
• To increase individual writers’ skills and portfolios whilst generating accessible critical writing on - and developing greater awareness of- the work in Spill 09
• To create a print and online archive of critical responses to Spill 09
• To explore critical writing and debate as a practice and discourse in relation to Live Art and Spill 09

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