Sunday, 26 July 2009

Acts of Language

Acts of Language is currently producing FIVE ROOMS the new collaborative writing publication by interdisciplinary art collective Propeller.

About Acts of Language

Established by Larry Lynch in 1997, Acts of Language is concerned with the publication, dissemination and production of the types of experimental writing and cross-artform text work often captured under the term Performance Writing. Between 1997 and 2001 a number of events were produced, including ‘Writing Aloud’ (Institute of Contemporary Art, London), featuring performances by Aaron Williamson, cris cheek, Grainne Cullen and Fabienne Audeoud, and ‘The Space Writing’ (Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham), including live/audio work by Miles Champion, Caroline Bergvall, Daniel Gosling and Edith-Marie Pasquier. In 2000 Acts of Language collaborated with The Liminal Institute (a transeuropean artists collective) to produce a 2 week festival in Berlin, that included work by (amongst others) ‘Things Not Worth Keeping’, Caroline Bergvall, Ric Allsopp, Sarah Frances and Ciaran Maher. Around this time the book ‘Sweet G Variations’ by Gregg Whelan was published, and Acts of Language worked with Brigid Mc Leer on the development stages of her networked project ‘In Place of the Page’.

Acts of Language are currently planning publishing, live, audio and gallery projects.

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