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FREE PRESS - Till Poems

image (c) cross-section July 09.

June - October 09

TILL POEMS is action, performance and writing. TILL POEMS is temporary. TILL POEMS likes dialogue, DADA, Concrete Poetry and creating with pre-authored products. TILL POEMS has a manifesto. TILL POEMS is subversive shopping, poetry readings and action scripting. TILL POEMS is coming to a supermarket near you soon!

Till Poems is a >>FREE PRESS<< case study. Participants are Dave Ball, Rachel Lois Clapham, Nicola Singh, Monika Dutta, Anna Williams.



Dave Ball; Dave; Berlin; artist; ground coffee; Swansea; Contemporary Art Theory; How to Live; book of English jokes in German; splendid; cauliflower; depends who's asking; folding bicycle; artist (that's a job, isn't it?); ...sometimes forget that euros aren't worth the same as pounds and then when I remember feel like I've inadvertently saved some money.

Rachel Lois Clapham, Poo, Bradford, curator and art writer; a bag of crisp salad; Manchester; Contemporary Art Theory, Goldsmiths College 2007; Curator ‘Nahnou-Together Now’ at Tate Britain; a large sequined handbag; marginalia; Two large glasses of Shiraz; live writing, performance criticism, improvisation and the porosity of text; A pair of ill fitting black pants; Co-Director of Open Dialogues; ...never have any cash or change.

Monika Dutta; Mo/Moses; None; Make stuff; Bus ticket; South London; Fine Art Media (1993); audio visual performance ‘Cirrus’; A book on audubon's bird studies in Dutch; Minki; Predator sticker booparra; The persistence of personality after death of the body; Cool kits dinosaurs 3D skeleton puzzle and dino factfile; None;... wonder if I should.

Nicola Singh; Knickers; Newcastle upon Tyne; performance artist, musician and curator; a spider plant; Newcastle upon Tyne; BA Music Performance and Visual Arts, Dartington College of Art; ‘A love affair with the National History Museum (do something to make your Mam proud)’ 2008; Parma Violet flavored cocktail; dour; Marina Abramovic by Kristine Stiles, Klaus Biesenbach, and Chrissie Iles, 2008; Actuations, Bachelard’s ‘Poetics of Space’ and Gertrude Stein’s ‘Tender Buttons’; faulty dress; Wunderbar Festival 2009, People Show Workshops, Switch Performance Company collaboration, Allotment Residency; mostly very fond of them.

Anna Maria Williams; Tick: Llanvihangel Crucorney (nr.Hereford); Visiting lecturer Documentary Photography and Documentary Film and Television/PhD researcher/Client Liaison officer(charity); 10 nails (masonry); London; MA Documentary Photography, Newport; ‘Territorialisation’ (ongoing); Shoes in Berlin; Yes; Suesse lust 2x 2.19 ; Site-specificity- impact upon community, collective memory and the communal archive; Multi-way push-up bra; preparing first paper for international conference; ... enjoy anticipating the purchase more than the actual transaction itself, which can be rather disappointing having robbed me of the potential for expectation.


Name; the name your family or partner calls you (nick-name); the city you live in; what you ‘do’ (one word or two); the last thing you purchased with cash; your home town; MA course you did recently; a job title/name of project you are proud of from 2008; last impulse buy; favorite word; an item off a receipt currently in your wallet; current research interest; the last item purchased that you got refunded for; what job you are doing now; when buying things I '……………' ;

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