Monday, 18 January 2010

OXHOUSE the alphabet is launched!

image: M is for Memory, by Mark Caffrey

An online alphabet made for and about the digital native; by Clare Adams

A digital native is a person for whom digital technologies already exist when they are born, and hence has or will grow up with digital technology such as the internet, mobile phones, social networking sites etc.

Showcasing works from 26 diverse artists from all over the world in a variety of mediums from performance to illustration, who have responded to the following:

What are and will be the implications of the digital world on our digital natives?
What gift would you give to the digital native about to be born into our digital world?
Each artist proposed a piece of work for a letter of the alphabet then came up with a word to represent the letter and made a piece of work in response with a message or definition for the digital native.

OXHOUSE marks a time in history where subsequent generations born will not remember life before the digital world. The alphabet is a guide to our own feelings about this from ACTION to ZERO and the things in between... distance, luggage, memory, thread, yet ...

curated by Justin Allen, supported by The Arts Council of England

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