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Image c Limoncello Gallery and the artist

Novel at Limoncello draws together artists writing, texts and poetry that oscillate between modes of fiction and criticism. A cacophony of voices, that is the primary condition of writing, seek to break the habitual methods of representation and productions of subjectivity.

Open Monday 8 February 2010, 7 – 9pm

Ed Atkins Anna Barham Christoph Buchel Nicholas Byrne Paul Chan Henri Chopin Simon Denny Michaela Eichwald Cyprien Gaillard Ryan Gander Melanie Gilligan Karl Holmqvist Nathan Hylden Barry MacGregor Johnston & Stephen G. Rhodes Mark Leckey Karolin Meunier Oscar Tuazon Emily Wardill

with films by:

Jan Peter Hammer - 'Shady Characters' (2007)
Lewis Klahr - 'Engram Sepals' (2000)
Stan Vanderbeek - 'Poemfield 3' (1967)
Cerith Wyn Evans - 'Degrees of Blindness' (1988)

and performances by Edwin Burdis & Johnny Woo

Disconnected from any unitary theme texts coalesce around writing as a core material of a number of artists exploring language and fiction. This fiction acts as a speculative force, no longer defined by what is said, even less by what makes it a signifying thing, but perhaps as a mode that exists parallel to the visual. Here, art writing is an apparatus for knowledge capture, informed by theory, film, politics and storytelling; writing as parallel practice, different, tangential; writing as political fiction; writing as another adventure on the 'skin drive', renegotiating unfulfilled beginnings or incomplete projects – that might offer points of departure. Amidst the insinuated narratives and materialised visions there is a concern for writing and the impossibility of fiction which is at stake. Novel asks us to think of writing as something distinct from information, as at least one realm of cultural production that is exempt from the encompassing obligation to communicate.


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