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The familiar takes a day off for Away Day.

New site-responsive art and performance to refresh south London parks

Rachel Lois: Both Mary and I have been invited by AWAY DAY guest curator David Berridge to take part in Writers House, a live writing residency in Wandle Park, Colliers Wood.

My live writing performance is called READERS WANTED and I am looking for someone to work with me on it for one day. Details below. Please do pass this call out on to anyone you think suitable.


WANTED- Assistance with a small scale one to one performance
DATE OF WORK 31st May 12-6pm

LOCATION Wandle Park in Colliers Wood, South London.

DEADLINE- Deadline for expressions of interest is April 30th 6pm.

TO APPLY- Please contact rachellois@opendialogues.com with a relevant CV and a short paragraph on why you want to work with me in this piece, and why you think you would be good at it.

WHAT- I am looking for someone to assist me in a small one to one performance 31st May 12-6. I need someone who can be a key part of the work, encourage people to join in and run things outside my performance space on the day.

The performance is called READERS WANTED, it calls for members of the public to visit a writer (me) in a tent and share some diagrammatic gestures. It is commissioned as part of WRITERS HOUSE live writing residency, as part of AWAY DAY. More details on the work and its context below.

You will:
Have at least one conversation with me about the work before 31 May
Be with me in the park, at the entrance to my performance space, on 31st may from 12-6
Be ready to help me out in case of an (unlikely!)tent, visitor, performance related emergency
Follow a loose instructional script for meeting and greeting visitors to the work
Regulate the flow of people in and out of the space
Be the public face of – and advocate for- the project on the day

To do this you will:
Want to collaborate with me
Be an open, friendly and responsible person
Understand visual art and/or performance
Understand the challenges and needs of a public and live art situation
Have experience in dealing with the public (preferably within a visual arts/performance scenario)
Be confident and happy talking to all different kinds of people and be able to encourage them to participate in the performance
Enjoy a certain level of persona or showmanship
Be able to think quickly and remain calm
if anything does not go according to plan

In return
You will be a collaborator in the development and delivery in this unique piece of work
You will be credited in all publicity, writing and archiving
You will get cash (as a contribution towards any expenses you may incur) of 25 GBP on the day

I hope you might be interested in doing this for half a day?




READERS WANTED by Rachel Lois Clapham
st May 12-6pm Colliers Wood

READERS WANTED to share an intimate (w)reading performance for two. This is a little game, a small exercise in trust and a live cursive encounter. You can decide how long it might take. Two minutes is good though. Bring a + 1 with you if you like.

Please come. I'll be waiting.

(Suitable for all ages)

READERS WANTED by Rachel Lois Clapham is part of WRITERS HOUSE; a live writing residency curated by David Berridge for AWAY DAY.



The familiar takes a day off for
Away Day
New site-responsive art and performance refresh south London parks

29-31 May bank holiday weekend

TIMES: 12 noon to 6 pm

VENUE: Wandle Park, 29-31 May - opposite Colliers Wood tube (Northern line)

Sixteen new artworks and projects will transform south London parks in May and June offering visitors an Away Day from the familiar.

What’s your idea of an Away Day? Maybe a definite excursion but not anywhere too wild or far away. It could be different enough to entertain you with its difference, but people will probably speak the same language – although maybe not. The exhibition Away Day is here to suggest that there is something much stranger that can be experienced, not too far away from our everyday routines...

The project comes from artist network POST, and is led by member Pippa Koszerek and guest curator David Berridge. Selected POST artists respond to three parks in Merton, generating new mappings, audio works, performances, art writing and other projects. Formed in 2008, POST is the new peer-led UK network for artists who respond to place.

Provisional event publicity at http://www.postartists.com/awayday.html

About Rachel Lois Clapham

Rachel Lois Clapham is a writer and Co-Director of Open Dialogues, a UK based collaboration producing critical writing on and as performance. Her current research interests are live writing, contingency and the porosity of text. Recent work includes NOTES at the Laing Gallery 2009, Writing Live with Performa Biennial 2009, Question Time at COP15 and Re- at PSL Gallery 2010. www.opendialogues.com

All material copyright the author 2010.

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