Wednesday, 22 December 2010

How can writers and artists work together?

by Mary Paterson

Over the next few months, I'll be undertaking a number of projects that explore the productive relationships between critical writing, documentation and creativity in relation to other artists' practice.

Noëmi Lakmaier 'Exercise in Losing Control.' photography by Joy Stanley and Margaret Sturton

The first project is a collaboration with the artist Noëmi Lakmaier.

Noëmi Lakmaier's work explores notions of the ‘Other’ ranging from the physical to the philosophical, the personal to the political. The individual's relationship to its surroundings, identity, and perception of self and other in contemporary society are core interests in her predominantly site-responsive, live and installation-based practice.

From January 2011 I will be having an ongoing dialogue with Noëmi to understand the context of her work and the making process. In particular, we'll be talking about two new projects that Noëmi is working on: in March 2011 she'll be presenting new work for the Live Art Development Agency's 'Access All Areas' exhibition; in June 2011 she'll be showing a new piece as a result of her ArtsAdmin Bursary 2010.

I will write a series of short texts in response to these two pieces of work, and the wider context of Noëmi 's practice.

More about the Artsadmin Bursaries here.
More about Access all Areas here.

(more information about other projects to follow).

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