Wednesday, 16 May 2012

In The Presence of Multiple Possibilities

By Rachel Lois

I have been invited to contribute to an exhibition/ publication by Ordinary Culture, as part of the exhibition In The Presence of Multiple Possibilities at French Riviera, London

My contribution entitled ? MARK (Question Mark Mark) takes the form of five discrete A5 elements interspersed across the publication. Each A5 page is a pared down, poetic piece that offers a definite speculation, a wayward marker and ultimately a question mark mark. 

Background to the exhibition
In The Presence of Multiple Possibilities combines sculpture, video, performance and publication to draw attention to, and attempt to manifest, the discrepancy between predicted future and actual outcome.

The exhibition brings together eight artists who explore the complex contingencies of translation, spontaneity, prediction and speculation. Either creating a structure for a continued development or deliberately leaving a work incomplete or uncertain, their works provide a space for the contemplation of multiple possible outcomes. Whether durational or static, all of the works hint towards their role in a longer trajectory. The project will include new commissions by Kimi Conrad, Matthew Noel-Tod and a commissioned publication by collective Ordinary Culture (formerly YH485). Ordinary Culture’s contribution to the project explores the publication as incomplete and subject-to-change, encouraging the participation of the audience in the materialisation of the exhibition’s legacy. 

Organised by MA Curating Contemporary Art students at the Royal College of Art, the project is funded by Arts Council England through Wysing Arts Centre’s Escalator Programme. 

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