Sunday, 10 June 2012


By Rachel Lois and Mary

Open Dialogues has been commissioned by Present Attempt to produce documents from SHOW TiME, a programme of performances taking place from 15-17 June at Rich Mix.

For SHOW TiME Open Dialogues will take up position at a writing station in the audience.  We will use a manual stamp to NOTA  moments of the event in a series of time stamped documents.  The documents will explore the time, place and quality of notes in relation to performance.

The  SHOW TiME  project is part of Open Dialogues’ framework for research for 2012 - NOTA: NOT, NOTES, NOTER (NOTA), NOT/A, towards a sometimes set of performance writing tools.  It explores documentation as a medium within the context of collaboration, liveness and public space.   After SHOW TiME  a selection of NOTA documents will be published online, along with an accompanying conversation between Mary and Rachel Lois about our work. 


SHOW TiME is an artist-led event which creates a vibrant, hospitable and unusual weekend of performance that makes more space for experimental work in professional venues. Curated and produced by artists Present Attempt, the weekend blends work-in-development and rarely seen pieces in a series of dynamic and provoking sessions.

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Present Attempt is a collective of artists making and producing collaborative, interdisciplinary performance works including studio-based pieces, interventions, writing and research. Present Attempt are James Bush, Alex Eisenberg and John Pinder.

Open Dialogues is a UK collaboration, founded by Rachel Lois Clapham and Mary Paterson, that produces writing on and as performance. As Open Dialogues Rachel Lois and Mary have worked internationally with Pacitti Company (UK), Performa (US), Performance Saga (CH) and Wooloo Productions (DE) amongst others. In 2012, their work focuses on NOTA; towards a sometimes set of performance writing tools.   

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