Thursday, 9 August 2012

Will you NOTA?

Open Dialogues will be presenting NOTA as part of Oh Seminar at Villa Romana, Florence in September 2012.  As well as note-taking in response to events, we will be presenting a performance lecture and a series of small, conversational invitations to artists and audience members.  We would like to invite you to draft a note for us to share with seminar participants on the subject of NOTA.  

All notes will be treated carefully, credited and enjoyed.

Thank you
Mary and Rachel Lois



NOTA: NOT, NOTES, NOTER (NOTA), NOT/A is a framework for research that presses on the time, place and quality of notes in relation to performance. It is produced by Open Dialogues towards a sometime set of performance writing tools.   Oh Seminar is a three day artist-led programme that questions writing, reading and the seminar as forms of knowledge transmission; curated by Mirene Arsanios and Valerio Del Baglivo.

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