Saturday, 10 January 2009

Critical writing competition 2009, New Art Theory

New Art Theory is a yearly competition to recognise the best emerging new writing talent in the visual arts.

New Art Theory gives those still at, or just after graduating from any BA, MA or equivalent international program the opportunity to publish their work in the context of a professional publication. With a yearly winner nominated from the published shortlist of the worlds most promising new critical writing talent on the subject of art.

New Art Theory is currently the only open writing competition for graduates working in the visual arts. Its purpose is to extend the opportunity for open critical debate in art outside the educational institution. Judged without reference to applicant details by a diverse panel of experienced writers, critics, curators and artists it allows applicants a democratic chance for the merits of the work itself to shine through.


New art theory 2009 is open to all final year undergraduates, current postgraduates and recent graduates of no more than 3 years from of any BA, MA or international equivalent course provided the submission is on the subject of art. Submissions must be made in English Language only.

Submissions for New Art Theory 2009 must be made by March 31st 2009 to

For more information on application guidelines please visit us at

or email

Contact Louise Downe

New Art Theory is Sponsored by TATE.ETC Magazine


  1. Do you happen to know anything about the outcome of this apparent competition? I entered and then heard nothing whatsoever. The competition disappeared. I made several attempts to contact people connected with New Art Theory and Tate and received nothing in reply. Any info you might have would be gratefully received.

  2. We contacted the competition and had sporadic email reply. Not sure of the outcome though. Best of luck.