Saturday, 10 January 2009

Free Press: Writing Project

Open Dialogues has been selected to take part in 'Free Press', the collaborative writing project run by Trade Union at Plan 9 in Bristol.

Trade Union is a project initiated to explore ideas around late capitalism - in particular the economies of contemporary art and the possiblities that could arise from the current geopolitical climate.

The Free Press project is a critical collaborative project where participants decide the form and content of a Free Press publication, produce the final document and decide how it will be distributed.

The production of Free Press will happen 6-8 March 2009, at Plan 9 in Bristol when the participants meet for a three day collaborative workshop. At that workshop we will be working through several issues such as;

* What critical models are currently available to artists/writers?
* What would a ‘free press’ be in relation to contemporary art?
* How could we all write responsively, collaboratively and critically in a free press publication?
* Where is the radical edge now situated? - And are its motives and politics different from our artistic predecessors of 1968 and the early 20th century avant-gardes?

To see the groups' dialogue on Free Press see

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