Sunday, 30 May 2010


A latent space for READERS WANTED by Rachel Lois Clapham with Antje Hildebrandt

Dear Readers,

The documents from the bodily, one to one encounters of READERS WANTED at Wandle Park 31 May will be showcased as part of How to DIAGRAM in association with AntePress, The Goldsmiths Art Writing MFA and Form Content project space.

How to DIAGRAM at Goldsmiths College 11 July 2-4pm, in the Art Writing Studio, Laurie Baths at Goldsmiths College,will discuss a range of art writing practices with a small audience. How to DIAGRAM will be the first and only public viewing of the asemic A1 happenings that resulted from READERS WANTED.

I hope you might come along on the 11th and join in the speculation as to what these intriguing collection of documents consists of, and how.

If you were one of the READERS on the 31st May - thanks, I enjoyed each and every one of you, and have been keeping the documents we made together safe. I hope that you might come along on the 11th July to see what we made and take away your diagram for keeps after the discussion.

More details on the event, and who to contact for will be posted here in due course. Meanwhile, you can contact me on


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