Tuesday, 25 May 2010

NOTES Three Queer Up North

Theatre in the Mill, Bradford May 13, 2010

‘NOTES- the before, after and during; final, continual and provisional; eventual and event-full.' David Berridge, Very Small Kitchen, on NOTES by Rachel Lois Clapham.

NOTES is an ongoing body of work by Rachel Lois Clapham focusing on diacritical marks, provisional or live writing from and as performance. NOTES are made live in the same time and place of performance and often given to the performer/s directly afterwards as a gift.


NOTES Three Queer Up North is made from three performance monologues (w)read, retold and remembered by Chris Goode, Racheal Walton and Chris Thorpe.

Chris Goode Front

Chris Goode Back

Chris Thorpe

rachael walton

Details on the original performances here.

To commission some NOTES, please contact rachellois@opendialogues.com

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