Thursday, 23 September 2010

How is Art Writing?

By Rachel Lois.

A series of artist-led conversations over dinner

How is Art Writing?

An impossible question

A dinner date

A get-together round a table


How is Art Writing?

Is a series of artist-led dinners that enable a travelling conversation through and alongside the In a word… research partnership, supporting the programme’s aim of profiling an ecology radical writing practice in and from Yorkshire.

Each dinner has its own content and flavour – that of its host and its local situation.

Places at the table are open: dinners enrich existing connections, as well as forging new ones.

Dinners represent different voices with diverse perspectives on writing.

Dinners have an implicit creative impetus but their main aim is to facilitate meeting, talking and eating.

The dinner host receives 150GBP contribution towards the dinner.

Documents play a part in each dinner and contribute to a published outcome. These documents diagram the event, index or record aspects of the conversation and are produced by the host, the guests, the food or the table.


Details of the first dinner are here. Arrangements for other dinners are being finalised with: East Street Arts (Leeds); Caroline Bergvall (London); Kim Rosenfield and Rob Fitterman (New York); and Claire Hind (York).

If you would like to reserve a place at the table please go to

If you would like to host a dinner as part of this series, please contact


How is Art Writing is curated by Rachel Lois Clapham in collaboration with Simon Zimmerman for In a word… as part of Writing Encounters.


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