Thursday, 16 September 2010

Open Dialogues and Edge of Europe - ANTI

photo (c) Maija Hirvanen

Open Dialogues has been invited by Edge of Europe to write from the ANTI Festival seminar on writing, language and site.

About ANTI Festival

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival is the only international contemporary arts festival in the world presenting site-specific works made for public space. ANTI – festival presents live, sonic, visual and text-based art from today’s most exciting and innovative artists in the Finnish town of Kuopio. Free of charge ANTI - festival is a meeting place for artists and audiences fascinated by how art shapes and responds to the places and spaces of everyday life.

The concept of ANTI is unique in the Finnish and international art scene.

About the seminar

This year's seminar asks: How does writing operate in public space? What are the performative possibilities of thinking about writing and reading in an expanded sense? What compositional techniques and methodologies allow artists to engage with the written and spoken word when working contextually? An international group of academics, artists and writers will discuss these issues through prepared papers, artists’ talks and performance lectures. The seminar is co-curated by Larry Lynch (Department of Performance and Performance Writing Research Group at University College Falmouth); artist and editor Pilvi Porkola (Esitys journal), artist and coordinator Maija Hirvanen (Edge of Europe) and ANTI Festival. The ANTI seminar is chaired by Maija Hirvanen.

Presenters are:
Wed 28th Sept -Larry Lynch, Kira O’Reilly, Emma Cocker
Thu 30th Sept - Jane Jin Kaisen, Pilvi Porkola, John Hall, Rosie Dennis
Fri 1st Oct - Caroline Bergvall, Timo Heinonen, Maija Hirvanen

About Edge of Europe

Edge of Europe is social, pedagogic and experimental project in the areas of performance and writing. The project explores the artistic and critical possibilities of writing and other forms of textual work in their relation to contemporary performance.

Mary will be reporting from the festival in the form of a play's script. She will also be functioning as the Department of Micro Poetics (Finland) for EXCHANGE VALUE and WRITNG/EXHIBITION/PUBLICATION, both curated by VerySmallKitchen.

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