Thursday, 17 November 2011

Action Art Now NOTES

By Rachel Lois

Action Art Now NOTES are made from last weekend’s evening of performance curated by OUI Performance with Gillian Dyson, Paul Hurley, Poppy Jackson, and Christopher Mollon. These NOTES speculate on the nature of action or task - which was variously object-based, practised, done/un-done and automated in the work.

‘NOTES- the before, after and during; final, continual and provisional; eventual and event-full.' Very Small Kitchen on Rachel Lois Clapham’s NOTES.

 Poppy Jackson 1 Action Art Now

Poppy Jackson Action Art Now

Gillian Dyson Action Art Now

Notes Action Art Now

Paul Hurley Action Art now

Christopher Mollon Action Art Now

NOTES is an ongoing body of work by Rachel Lois Clapham focusing on diacritical marks, provisional or live writing from and as performance. They are made live in the same time and place of performance and often given to the performer directly after the performance as a gift.

Made as part of NOTA; an Open Dialogues research project that will produce a sometime set of pedagogic performance writing tools.

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