Saturday, 26 November 2011

Inside Performance Vol 24 no. 3 2011

By Rachel Lois

INSIDE PERFORMANCE is a serialised writing project developed by Rachel Lois Clapham for Dance Theatre Journal.  Taking the form of a regular newspaper or magazine ‘column’ INSIDE PERFORMANCE is a periodic journey into the practice of writing from or as performance. For this special issue ‘Trashing’, Rachel Lois writes TRASH SUBMISSION which acts variously as declamation, instruction or title.

Writing for the Trashing issue of Dance Theatre Journal went through a curious process of condensation or extraction. Of first: googling ‘trashing’ and making a poem based on all the ‘hits’ (junk?) that ensues. Secondly, writing a piece ‘on trash’ that reflected on writing and its place within performance – as trash, as trashing - both a celebration of and critique. Thirdly, getting rather bored with the directness, or rather obedience, of this. And fourthly, turning to the particular editorial guidelines for the issue, along with the invitation ‘to submit’ a manuscript, and being caught up in submitting trash, and submitting to trash. And lastly, cleaving to just these two remaining words. TRASH SUBMISSION.

TRASH SUBMISSION then, is a declamation – perhaps from a trash manifesto, or a trash methodology. It invites thoughts on trashing submission  (of or to?). It is also an invitation in a much more  immediate sense: to trash (this particular page, the whole journal). The ultimate ‘?’ being what this act of readerly trashing might be.  As a title, TRASH SUBMISSION – whether referencing the theme of the journal, or being self-consciously depreciative of itself - hints at the work which is its namesake and begs the question where this ‘submission’ is. Perhaps ‘Trash Submission’ exists elsewhere, complete but omitted from this particular issue (for being unsuitable, for being trash?). Perhaps there was a printing error and only the title remains. Perhaps the work is not yet made or never will be. The notion of trash moves around these two words. Ultimately, it may just be a trashy submission.


Trashing Dance Theatre Journal is a dedicated and rigorous exploration of Trash in art, performance, work, and club culture. It features interviews with performance star and living-legend Penny Arcade, club performer Mouse, sex worker and activist Thierry Schaffauser, plus articles exploring the work of John Sex, Danish collective dunst, Club Wotever, wasted works, contaminated performances and the 'lowest form of performance' - living street sculptures. Forms of trashy articulation including soap box articles, TV Chat Shows and Tabloid Newspapers interrupt and compliment more formal essays and interviews in this special issue! More details here Trashing Dance Theatre Journal is available to purchase online at Unbound. Part of Performance Matters. 

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All images C. Dance Theatre Journal and the artists 2011. 

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