Tuesday, 27 March 2012


By Rachel Lois

I have been invited by Megan and Phil of Tertulia to present my work at Spike Island in association with Arnolfini on April 10.

I will be presenting OF FINGER- a talk from recent scores, readings and live performances that presses on embodied acts of (w)reading and writing, finger(ing) texts and pointing to pointing at things. I will bring a selection of recent publications with me to Spike Island for participants to read and buy, including a special (travelling) edition of (W)reading Performance Writing : A Guide (Live Art Development Agency). I hope to see some of you there. Thanks.


Tertulia’ is a Spanish word ordinarily applied to social gatherings with literary, artistic or bohemian overtones.  Tertulia is supported by Arnolfini and  Spike Island.  

Rachel Lois Clapham produces writing on and as performance as part of UK collaboration Open Dialogues and curates radical writing with the Arts Council partnership In a word…. Her own practice points..., punctuates movement and presses on physical gestures as text.  Work includes  Re- (PSL Gallery, Norwich Arts Centre and John Latham Archive), WORK TRY HARD (Kaleid Editions) and WRITING the SPACE (Wild Pansy Press).   In 2012 she is performing and publishing with The Other Room,  Lemonmelon, Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, VerySmallKitchen  and Open Dialogues

Image c- Re- (Unfixed) Rachel Lois Clapham and Emma Cocker 2010. 

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