Saturday, 10 March 2012

Inside Performance Volume 24 no 2. 2011

By Rachel Lois

My column for this issue of Dance Theatre Journal features the latest manifestation of the score How is Art Writing? ‘How is Art Writing?’ was originally performed in 2009 by Mary Paterson for the launch of RITE at PSL Leeds as part of In a word
It was made in proximity to (1) a green pepper on Rachel Lois’s kitchen table at the time of writing and (2) Rachel Lois and Alex Eisenberg’s text ‘? MARK’ for RITE, a text that presses on the particular space created by questions, including impossible questions.

How is Art Writing?


Impossible questions that open up a definite but speculative space for saying something about  Art Writing

How is Performance Writing? has been re-made in 2011 for the particular context and form of Dance Theatre Journal.

First remove Art and insert PERFORMANCE.  Then break the score up into pink units via pink French index or Fiche cards.  Gradually condense, diagram and re-arrange the units over a period of days (in between doing lots of other things). Pay particular attention to the grid aspect, what is on the BACKSIDE of the cards, printing mistakes, folded corners and punctuation. Note handwriting. Spread the resulting composition across the whole magazine to create a sense of fragmentation and pace. Note the see-through nature of the gridded cards when holding one page in one hand.


Inside Performance is a serialised writing project developed by Rachel Lois Clapham for Dance Theatre Journal. Taking the form of a regular newspaper or magazine column Inside Performance is a personal journey into the practice of writing from or as performance from Rachel Lois’ position as a writer and Co-Director of Open Dialogues. The column features Rachel Lois' own writing, as well as conversations, commissions, page works and texts from other artists.

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