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Published in 2009, RITE is the result of a nine month collaboration with Critical Communities, a New Work Network and Open Dialogues project exploring the practice of critical writing on and as new work (interdisciplinary and live art).

RITE is available to buy on Unbound.


RITE was launched at PSL Gallery Leeds March 26 2010 6.30-8pm. The evening was supported by Open Dialogues, In a word, PSL Gallery and East Street arts and included a temporary library, two new performance commissions and a spoken score. The archive from the evening is at the In a word website


RITE is commissioned by New Work Network, designed by Wood McGrath, edited by Open Dialogues and produced by the members of Critical Communities. It includes a foreword by New Work Network and introduction by Open Dialogues. External editorial advisor Maria Fusco. All material is copyright the authors and Critical Communities 2009.

Contributors include Emma Bennett, David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham and Alex Eisenberg, Emma Cocker, Hannah Crosson, Amelia Crouch, Chloe Dechery, Tim Jeeves, Emma Leach, Johanna Linsley, Joanna Loveday, Charlotte Morgan, Mary Paterson, Jim Prevett, Nathan Walker and Wood McGrath.

Details on the wider Critical Community can be found here

Details on Re- one of the commissions to mark the launch of RITE by Emma Cocker and Rachel Lois Clapham can be found here.


Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour are undertaking a residency with Artsadmin and the Live Art Development Agency throughout February 2010.

The residency is inspired by Orientalism, chapter six of Ashery and Sansour’s experimental graphic book The Novel of Nonel and Vovel. In this residency Falafel is used as a contested national symbol and a metaphor for the systematic obliteration of Palestinian culture by the state of Israel. Falafel Road comprises of twenty publicly engaged meals in various falafel eateries in London, from restaurants to supermarkets and market stalls.

For more details of locations, please see: http://www.falafelroad.blogspot.com/

As part of the 20 meals there are 2 larger scale events:

23rd of February, Politics: Home and Away, 19.00, with Serpentine Gallery, at Al Shishawi, 51-53 Edgware Road, Marble Arch, London, W2 2HZ

Student activists from Goldsmiths College, The London Institute, and others, with Jacqueline Rose, Professor of English at Queen Mary University and an active member of Independent Jewish Voices, are invited for a discussion around the ways in which Middle Eastern politics resonate in London.


25th of February, Thursdays@Artsadmin, 18.00, Arts Bar & Café and Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6AB,

The Falafel Road Open Studio, will show work culminated during the residency.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pre Re-

Drawing on Emma Cocker's Re: Writing 1993-2009 as a point of departure, Re- is a collaborative reading where Rachel Lois Clapham and Emma Cocker repeat, rework, rewrite, reread and react, whilst responding to and relocating ideas generated from, through and in relation to RITE. The reading presses on two writers - and two writing practices- coming together, whilst focusing on the tension between the improvised and rehearsed, and on the play between the visible and invisible, or public and private states of not knowing within the performed act of writing.

Image: Documentation from (Pre) Re- by Rachel Lois Clapham and Emma Cocker.

Score Notes

Documents from the live work here.

Monday, 8 February 2010

“LOUDER THAN BOMBS” Art, Action & Activism

Stanley Picker Gallery and the Live Art Development Agency present
“LOUDER THAN BOMBS” Art, Action & Activism

- 9 February to 27 March 2010

- 7 Weeks, 7 Residencies, 7 Ways to Activate Change


“Art that cannot shape society and therefore also cannot penetrate the heart questions of society, [and] in the end influence the question of capital, is no art.” Joseph Beuys 1985

Over the course of seven weeks, the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston is handing over its entire exhibition space to host a series of week-long Live Art residencies – details below.

Co-curated with the Live Art Development Agency, London, through an open call for proposals “Louder than Bombs”: Art, Action & Activism is an ambitious programme of public workshops and live events that will focus on challenging social, political and global issues of the day, addressed through the seven invited artist/activist’s individual working practices and the Gallery audience’s direct participation and responding involvement.

Its title borrowed from a compilation album by iconic anti-establishment beaus The Smiths (in turn borrowed from Elizabeth Smart's extended prose poem By Grand Central Station I Sat down and Wept), “Louder than Bombs”: Art, Action & Activism addresses the highly charged political possibilities of Live Art that have been taken to new levels by a new generation of politically invested artists who are blurring the boundaries between art and activism in exciting and engaging ways.

Please visit www.stanleypickergallery.org for further information on the artists and the exact times and details of public events, workshops and activities taking place during each residency.

Stanley Picker Gallery, Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, Kingston University, Knights Park, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2QJ

t 0208 417 8074 e picker@kingston.ac.uk

Gallery Open: Tues - Fri 12-6pm; Sat 12-4pm


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Reading for Reading’s Sake

Reading for Reading’s Sake

Islington Mill, James St. Salford M3 5HW

Thur Apr. 8th – Sun Apr. 11th 2010

Opening event – Thur Apr 8th – 6 – 9pm

This Easter Islington Mill will be rejoicing in words as it hosts, Reading for Reading’s Sake, a 4 day event aimed at interrogating reading as a practice. Unlike a regular reading group, ‘Reading for readings sake’ aims to explore the activity of reading, the situations in which we read, reading as a shared event, a private passion, concentration, interpretation, sound and voice, the symbolic and emotional value of the act.

Participants will be invited to spend their days reading where, when, how and whatever they like. For those that will be visiting, we will ask residents of Salford and Manchester for suggestions of their favourite places to read throughout the cities.

Each evening will be spent at Islington Mill, where food will be served and the days-worth of reading and reading-related experience shared in small groups over dinner, while dinner-time lectors read aloud to the assembled company. Selected gigs and performances will be taking place in Islington Mill’s clubspace on a number of the later evenings.

Sat 11th will feature a day of workshops, events and performances in the gallery space and throughout Islington Mill. More details on these to follow soon.

NB. There is a limited number of places for the daytime and early evening events. Please get in touch if you’d like to take part and we’ll reserve you a place. Email: deaddigital(at)islingtonmill.com


Image c Francis Elliott, Monster

Performance Season
2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd March 2010
KALEID editions
artists who do books

KALEID is proud to announce scripturacontinua, a season
of performance art featuring Francis Elliott, Sheila Ghelani,
Jordan McKenzie and Helen Schoene.

Scriptura Continua refers to the writing of late antiquity
in which no inter-word spacing or punctuation was used,
with no distinction between cases. As such, the task of
interpreting the text fell to the reader, forced to divide the
written string of letters into words. Reading aloud, meaning
was only recovered through oralisation as the texts were
recited over and over again.

scripturacontinua considers parallels with performance
art in terms of ritual, repetition and shared experience. At
the invitation of Live Art practitioner and KALEID curator
Katharine Fry, each week a different artist responds to the
theme, with a live performance and the creation of limited
edition residua, inviting the audience to share a realm of
private acts and sacred texts.

Sheila Ghelani
2-7 March 2010
Sheila Ghelani finds spaces in the tumult of letters. With an
alchemical love story, she uses the gaps that exist either
side of words to open the space that we keep between us.
To fill these gaps, to find a way to communicate; she
shares her ingredients, looking deep into your eyes. A
mixture of sugar, spice and all things nice fall across the
table and find their way between the layers of her limited
edition flower presses as she looks for Me and You (sitting
in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G).

Performance, Tuesday 2nd March 2010 6-9pm

Helen Schoene
9-14 March 2010
Helen Schoene’s frustration comes with separation from her
mother tongue. Her diligent reading calls for ever increasing
scrutiny as she grasps for meaning, trying to unpick each
word. At her wit’s end, she turns back on herself, clutching
at straws, searching through split ends. Scanning, printing,
reprinting, repeating, Schoene transforms the gallery into
a site of production, as tresses, clumps and strands creep
across the walls. Finding herself at the centre of an irrational
web, the snake hair of Medusa emerging from her head,
Schoene invites you to unpick the tangled mass with limited
edition leporello booklets and jigsaw puzzles.
Performance, Tuesday 9th March 2010 6-9pm

Francis Elliott
16-21 March 2010
Francis Elliott has designed a series of pieces that, as
with the original monastic texts, demand an individual’s
reinterpretation to extract meaning. With an emphasis
on ritual, the viewer’s response creates a unique piece
becomes a residual memory of a specific moment in time.
Each of the pieces, Monster, Trace, Engine & Picasso’s
Guitar, needs a decisive act to bring about the creation of
the artwork. Made with deliberately quotidian materials,
bottled water, dressmaker’s patterns, maps and second
class stamps, this familiarity invites the viewer’s intimate

Performance, Tuesday 16th March 2010 6-9pm

Jordan McKenzie
23-27 March 2010
Jordan McKenzie responds with painstaking sincerity;
listening, stopping, writing, and overwriting. Studiously taking
dictation, he draws inspiration from Umberto Eco “ a man
who loves a very cultivated woman and knows he cannot
say to her, ‘’I love you madly,’’ because he knows that she
knows (and that she knows that he knows) that these words
have already been written by Barbara Cartland. Still, there is
a solution. He can say, ‘’As Barbara Cartland would put it, I
love you madly.’’Scribing and scribbling his unwavering ode
to endless love, McKenzie invites you to enact your own ritual
consideration with a Burning Love boxset.

Performance, Tuesday 23rd March 2010 6-9pm

Unit 2, 23-25 Redchurch Street,
Shoreditch, London. E2 7DJ
07870 173 524


Wednesday to Saturday, 12-7pm
Late night Thursdays and
informal Sundays
Artists’ Books Drop-in Workshops
Sundays 1-5pm


Image c Limoncello Gallery and the artist

Novel at Limoncello draws together artists writing, texts and poetry that oscillate between modes of fiction and criticism. A cacophony of voices, that is the primary condition of writing, seek to break the habitual methods of representation and productions of subjectivity.

Open Monday 8 February 2010, 7 – 9pm

Ed Atkins Anna Barham Christoph Buchel Nicholas Byrne Paul Chan Henri Chopin Simon Denny Michaela Eichwald Cyprien Gaillard Ryan Gander Melanie Gilligan Karl Holmqvist Nathan Hylden Barry MacGregor Johnston & Stephen G. Rhodes Mark Leckey Karolin Meunier Oscar Tuazon Emily Wardill

with films by:

Jan Peter Hammer - 'Shady Characters' (2007)
Lewis Klahr - 'Engram Sepals' (2000)
Stan Vanderbeek - 'Poemfield 3' (1967)
Cerith Wyn Evans - 'Degrees of Blindness' (1988)

and performances by Edwin Burdis & Johnny Woo

Disconnected from any unitary theme texts coalesce around writing as a core material of a number of artists exploring language and fiction. This fiction acts as a speculative force, no longer defined by what is said, even less by what makes it a signifying thing, but perhaps as a mode that exists parallel to the visual. Here, art writing is an apparatus for knowledge capture, informed by theory, film, politics and storytelling; writing as parallel practice, different, tangential; writing as political fiction; writing as another adventure on the 'skin drive', renegotiating unfulfilled beginnings or incomplete projects – that might offer points of departure. Amidst the insinuated narratives and materialised visions there is a concern for writing and the impossibility of fiction which is at stake. Novel asks us to think of writing as something distinct from information, as at least one realm of cultural production that is exempt from the encompassing obligation to communicate.

See http://www.limoncellogallery.co.uk/

Rachel Lois - Diagrams

By Rachel Lois. 

I made new work for 'Diagrams' at the FormContent project space London. The work (entitled FINGER) focussed on indexicality, pointing and physical gestures as text and was made in response to a continued dialogue between with David Berridge and Alex Eisenberg regarding writing on and as performance (as part of Inside Performance).

FINGER from rachellois on Vimeo.

Read David Berridge's presentation for Diagrams, which this video was part of, and his notes on my work here.

FormContent on Saturday 13 February and Sunday 14 February amongst an installation by Ami Clarke. Her screens, reminiscent of office cubicles and temporary exhibition stands, provide a spacial grid within the gallery space where to discuss and display the gathered materials.

Saturday 13 February - from 2 to 6 pm


- Dr. John Mullarkey’s lecture Diagrammatic Actualism, ACTUAL VIRTUAL (30’ ca)
“My argument is basically that, whereas Deleuze tends to think of his diagrams as virtual processes – as only a potentially concrete (or actual) thing – I believe that it is better to think of them as already actual processes.”

Touching on ideas relating to the working drawing and the performative object.


- David Berridge:
Presentation of An Improvised Diagram Syllabus - an overview of the diagram ranging from Rodchenko to Gabriel Orozco - and photographic and video work by Rachel Lois Clapham and Alex Eisenberg.

- Josh Baum:
Presentation of 3 balloons carefully balanced to transcribe in mercurial lines a diagram of almost anything.

- Julia Calver:
Reading of two recent texts

- Patrick Coyle:
Presentation and discussion around his work Holding this objecty/making this objecty

- Cressida Kocienski:
Presentation and discussion of the diagram as linguistic moment

- Claire Nichols:
Presentation of the most recent Empty Gallery Interviews

- Tamarin Norwood:
Presentation of the artist book DO SOMETHING and of the radio/text work Musica Practica.

- Gemma and Hannah Sharpe:
Works by Hannah Sharpe associated with text by Gemma Sharpe will be on display


Re - is a performance reading, commissioned by In a word’, and developed collaboratively by Rachel Lois Clapham and Emma Cocker. It is an iterative work which responds and is reworked in relation to the specificity of an invitation to perform (text). Other iterations of the work can be found here, here and here.

Re- (RITE)

Drawing on Emma Cocker's Re: Writing 1993-2009 as a point of departure, Re- (RITE) is a collaborative reading where Rachel Lois Clapham and Emma Cocker repeat, rework, rewrite, reread and react, whilst responding to and relocating ideas generated from, through and in relation to RITE. The reading presses on two writers - and two writing practices- coming together, whilst focusing on the tension between the improvised and rehearsed, and on the play between the visible and invisible, or public and private states of not knowing within the performed act of writing.

Excerpts from performance Re- (RITE) 2009

Excerpts from performance Re- (RITE) 2009

Script/score from the performance reading Re- (RITE) 2009


COP15 is over
But the legacy of Question Time lives on.

We continue to consider smallness, the ground and performance in working towards an alternative statement on (climate) change.

Question Time is included in the line-up for Café Carbon, an event at Café Oto on Friday 19th March which starts at 8pm. Join us as artists, musicians and activists share an evening of stories about the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.
For more details go here: http://www.cafeoto.co.uk/TheGluts.shtm

Part sound art, part document of our COP15 encounters – these CSPA commissioned podcasts are unique windows into the Question Time archive. To listen click here:http://www.questiontime.me/podcasts/

Excerpts from a carefully chosen random selection of Question Time interviews also appear in the CSPA Quarterly available soon from http://www.sustainablepractice.org/ andhttp://magcloud.com/browse/Magazine/38626

A reading salon for fiction that has arisen out of COP 15, Copenhagen and Question Time. Details to be confirmed. Please get in touch for more information.
For more details see: http://www.questiontime.me/ or contact us at info@questiontime.me

Question Time is a collaboration between David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham, Alex Eisenberg and MaryPaterson as Open Dialogues http://open-dialogues.blogspot.com/. Question Time was originally programmed as part of New Life Copenhagen http://www.wooloo.org/festival as part of the official United Nations COP15http://en.cop15.dk/ artistic programme.

Writing Performance: A Performance Saga Riff

Writing Performance: A Performance Saga Riff

SPILL: Overspill. London, April 2009

Image (c) SPILL and George Chakravarthi.

Spill: Overspill was a writing project created by Rachel lois Clapham and Mary Paterson as Open Dialogues and produced in association with Pacitti Company. The programme was located at the heart of the Spill festival 2007 and 2009 and explored the event of criticism in relation to performance. The aim of Spill: Overspill was to respond critically to the work shown, and to create a realtime discursive context for the Spill festival: one that spilled out of the usual confines of a festival to a diverse UK and international audience.

In 2009, 7 writers worked alongside festival artists and audiences to produce reviews, interviews, collaborative texts, note-based responses, hybrid writings, live writing performances and intervention pieces.

Or start with one of these suggestions:

An Awful Responsibility - a hybrid text by Mary Paterson, in relation to 'Inferno', 'Purgatorio' and 'Paradiso' by Romeo Castellucci

Gob Squad meet Dominique Gonzalez Forrester or Film as Theatre - a comparative review by David Berridge, in relation to 'Saving the World' by Gob Squad

National Platform - note based reviews by all the Overspill writers

Pieces of America - a collaborative text by Mary Kate Connolly and Rajni Shah, in relation to 'Dinner with America' by Rajni Shah

Small Talk - an intervention piece by Alex Eisenberg

Visions of Excess - a live writing performance by Rachel Lois Clapham and Alex Eisenberg, in relation to 'Visions of Excess', curated by Ron Athey and Lee Adams

(W)hole Story - a review by Eleanor Hadley Kershaw, of 'Void Story' by Forced Entertainment

You Tell us that we are Children - a review by Theron Schmidt, of 'That Night Follows Day' by Victoria and Tim Etchells

ROOT- How is Art Writing?

ROOT - How is Art Writing? was produced for In a Word as part of the RITE publication launch.

More details about RITE - and where to buy it - here

Tate Britain- Going Public

Photo: © Blind Summit Panacea Puppet Doctor, Professor Hilary.

Saturday 20 March . Tate Britain 14-18.00. Free
Spectate, Perform and Go Public.

Going Public is an afternoon devoted to performance, artist-led tours, talks and social experiments which play with ideas around truth and fiction, representation and confession.

Present your own Decent Proposal to Compliment Sandwich and Juneau Projects' panel of judges. Swap your unwanted knick-knacks for something new at Oriana Fox's Penny Social. Have your hair cut at Faisal Abdu'Allah's Live Salon and explore the relationship between art and wellbeing with puppet doctor, Professor Hilary and artistsMichael Pinsky, Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich.

Hear whispered secrets with I Confess by Tangled Feet and Firehouse Productions. Debate current issues in Uninvited Guests performance Society of Friends, and dress up or draw in the Drawing Room with Georgia Jacob and Steph von Reiswitz.

Take an alternative tour of the Tate Collection with artist Serena Korda & guests and hearMichael Landy talk about his archive in the reading room. Watch artist Andy Holden'sperformance Three Short Works in Time. Listen to live poetry from Dzifa Benson and theVineyard Poets and participate in a performance made for two, with Etiquette by Rotozaza.

Visit here for full event details


NOTES WHIPPIT, Space 109, York, February 20, 2010

NOTES- the before, after and during; final, continual and provisional; eventual and event-full.' David Berridge, Very Small Kitchen 2010.

NOTES is an ongoing body of work by Rachel Lois Clapham focusing on diacritical marks, provisional or live writing from and as performance. NOTES are made live in the same place and time of performance and given to the performer/s directly afterwards as a gift. For more details, or to commission some NOTES, please contact rachellois@opendialogues.com


Image (c) David Berridge

ART WRITING FIELD STATION will take place at East Street Arts Patrick Studios, St.Mary’s Lane, Leeds, LS9 7EH, on Saturday March 27th 2010, 10am - 1pm. A map is here.

ART WRITING FIELD STATION is an ongoing event and publications series at which practitioners present material and evidence of the “field” of art writing. The aim is both to make a field recording of the field of art writing as constituted by a set of practices, and to offer an example of that field in poetic operation.

As well as individual presentations, each ART WRITING FIELD STATION produces a lexicon or live writing archive of its group discussions, which serves as a script and provocation for future events.

ART WRITING FIELD STATION at Patrick Studio’s will feature presentations of new work by David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham, Emma Cocker, Mary Paterson and Nathan Walker.

Please join us for the presentations and discussion, but note space is limited. To reserve a place email David at verysmallkitchen@gmail.com .

About the Project

ART WRITING FIELD STATION is curated by David Berridge/ VerySmallKitchen and was first presented at FIVE YEARS GALLERY, LONDON in February 2009, as part of their FIELD RECORDINGS season.

The first set of FIELD STATION chapbooks (including texts by Tamarin Norwood, Matthew MacKissack, and Hyun Jin Cho) will be published on Mar 30th. For further information, event reports, images, and readings, see www.verysmallkitchen.com

ART WRITING FIELD STATION will be in residence at The Pigeon Wing, London, in September 2010.

ART WRITING FIELD STATION at Patrick Studio’s is supported by East Street Arts, New Work Network, Open Dialogues, PSL and In a Word (Writing Encounters) as part of the RITE publication launch.

Details of the RITE launch are here.