Sunday, 21 October 2012


A week of dialogue between Mary Paterson and Nathan Jones (Mercy Online) in relation to 'PERFORMANCE WRITING NETWORK.'

Starts on the Performance Writing page on Facebook (19/10/12)

Continues on Netbehaviour (21/10/12)

More details to be updated soon

Thompson's Live - The Chris Goode & Co. Podcast

On Monday 5th November, Mary Paterson will be joining Wendy Houstoun, Dominic Lash and Chris Goode for the fourth of Thompson's Live series of podcasts, recorded at Stoke Newington International Airport.

The Chris Goode & Company podcast focuses on conversation around theatre and performance, poetry and music, arts and ideas.

More information on STK site

(And on 22nd November, listen out for Rajni Shah and John Hall)

Download the podcasts here: