Monday, 5 December 2011

Fourscore Selected Works: 15 minutes

Rachel Lois Clapham at The Other Room from The Other Room on Vimeo.

In August, I was invited to read at The Other Room. In a take on ‘selected poems’, I read Fourscore Selected Works; twenty  gestures taken from different performances (mine, and those from dialogue with David Berridge and Alex Eisenberg.) The gestures were squared, shuffled then shown and read to The Other Room audience.  The economy of the marks, and the the reading as a whole, is indebted to a process of performance and extraction, focussing on physical gestures as text.

The score used in the performance- entitled HOLD (IT)-  is forthcoming in print in 2012 with design by Stephen P Perry.

Diagrammatic works related to Fourscore Selected Works reading at The Other Room can be found here, here and here. 

Rachel Lois Clapham - The Other Room Interview Series from The Other Room on Vimeo.

Rachel Lois Clapham produces writing on and as performance as part of Open Dialogues and curates radical writing with the Arts Council partnership In a word…. Her own practice points..., punctuates movement and presses on physical gestures as text. 2010 work includes Re- (PSL Gallery Leeds, Norwich Arts Centre and John Latham Archive London), WORK TRY HARD (Kaleid Editions) and (W)reading Performance Writing : A Guide (Live Art Development Agency).