Tuesday, 24 January 2012


by Mary Paterson

#Nightwatch2012 is a collaborative performance for mass participation, taking place on Twitter.

FRIDAY 27th JAN 2012 00:30 - 02:30 GMT/ THURSDAY 26th JAN 19:30 - 21:30 EST

Streamed live to RHYTHMS OF TIME SHARING curated by KIOSK in collaboration with Vox Populi Philadephia at AUX Performance Space in Philadelphia.

Participating artists: Joanna Brown, Tiffany Charrington, Eddy Dreadnought, Sally Labern, Tamarin Norwood, Mary Paterson and Natasha Vicars.

To join in, please follow the score and tweet to #Nightwatch2012.

The #Nightwatch2012 score

1. Tweet from 00:30-02:30 GMT on Friday 27th Jan/ 19:30-21:30 EST Thursday 26th Jan
2. Tweet about the night
3. Tweet to #Nightwatch2012
4. Start by naming your location, your timezone and the rhythm of your night
5. End by naming your location, your timezone and the rhythm of your night
6. Inbetween, follow the words, thoughts and rhythms of the other

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tweeting Conversation Slips

By Rachel Lois

In the last days of his life, Franz Kafka could not speak due to tuberculosis of the larynx. He was reduced to communicating to those who were closest to him via short written sentences or ‘hints’, otherwise known as Conversation Slips. Along with the enduring visions his novels have given us - a man who has done nothing wrong fights for his life against a bizarre court that sits in almost every attic in the world (The Trial 1914), a machine quite literally writes condemned people to death (In the Penal Colony 1919), a man tries forever to get into a mysterious castle (The Castle 1922) - are his Conversation Slips... What was Kafka saying and to whom? What paper or pen did he use? What does ‘       Lemonade     it was all so boundless.’ mean? Or rather, favouring the more opaque, WHAT remains of one – sided conversation? HOW the existential aphorism? HOW BIG the slip? Intrigued by all this and more, Rachel Lois has transposed a selection of these slips to Twitter; as 140 character endeavour, research and tribute.

Tweeting Conversation Slips by Rachel Lois Clapham features in #tweetart at Westgate Studios, Wakefield. The work in part relates to the LemonMelon commission ‘      lemonade        everything was so infinite.’

See Tweeting Conversation Slips in situ on Twitter via @rachellois1 and #tweetart 


By Rachel Lois

Fold out extract HOLD (IT) 2012 c. the artists

HOLD (IT), a score from Fourscore Selected Gestures at The Other Room, is forthcoming in 2013. 

HOLD (IT) captures something of the pace, directionality and physical gestures of Rachel Lois Clapham’s original performance reading, whilst perforations, instructions and BLANKS posit new possibilities for shuffling, reading out loud and fingering. The publication is indebted to other live readings such as FINGER, Re- and 0456461 to 0456464.

HOLD (IT) is designed by stephenpperry and features a postlude by David Berridge.

Rachel Lois Clapham produces writing on and as performance as part of UK collaboration Open Dialogues and curates radical writing with the Arts Council partnership In a word…. Her own practice points..., punctuates movement and presses on physical gestures as text. Work includes Re- (PSL Gallery, Norwich Arts Centre and John Latham Archive), WORK TRY HARD (Kaleid Editions), (W)reading Performance Writing : A Guide (Live Art Development Agency) and WRITING the SPACE (Wild Pansy Press).  opendialogues.com @rachellois1