Thursday, 2 October 2008

Performance at London’s West End Galleries: All The Best

Image; Jiri Kovanda 'XXX Pressing myself as close as I can to the wall, I make my way around the whole room; There are people in the middle of the room, watching... November 26, 1977 Hradec Kralove' 1977, B&W photograph with text on paper, courtesy the artist, gb agency, Paris and Krobath Wimmer, Vienna

Open Dialogues continues to let you know when we think something interesting pops up in the world of time based, participatory and live art. This one night programme of actions ‘All The Best’ will coincide with a group of gallery openings in West End’s Fitzrovia (Alison Jacques, Pilar Correas, etc). There is a lot of new work by some interesting artists. See you there?


Gallery one one one - 111 Great Tichfield Street - W1W 6RY London
Thursday 16 October: 6.30 - 20.00

Gallery one one one/David Roberts Art Foundation is pleased to present an evening of actions and performances by internationally renowned artists Jiri Kovanda, Dora Garcia, Benoit Maire and Nina Beier and Marie Lund. The event, organised in collaboration with the Czech Centre, London, coincides with Beier and Lund's exhibition All the Best at Gallery one one one/David Roberts Art Foundation and major other events and openings in Fitzrovia.

All the Best is an evolving project by Danish artists Nina Beier and Marie Lund. Responding to the invitation of a solo exhibition, they decided to enter into a dialogue with other artists, asking them to swap their exhibited works for their own. All The Best is a solo exhibition gradually turning into a group show featuring Johanna Billing, Aurélien Froment, Dora Garcia, Cecilie Gravesen, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, Chosil Kil, Jiri Kovanda, Benoît Maire, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Roman Ondak, Mario Garcia Torres and graphic design group Åbäke.

'As a response to the solo exhibition of our work at Gallery one one one/David Roberts Art Foundation, we have invited artists that we feel related to, know and have shown with before to replace each of our works over the course of the exhibition. By picking up on these relations built over time with people we have previously been put in context with, we wish to operate from within the structure of the group exhibition and open up for a collective process in the forming of the show.

Adapting to the format of the exhibition put together by curator Vincent Honoré, placing the new work in the same spot, on the same plinths, nails etc, the final group show will carry the traces of the first show. All decisions will be taken locally relating to the exchange of each piece and it will be assembled from the inside without regard for the overall. This way the final group exhibition will not end up as a full curatorial rendition of the initial solo exhibition, but rather as a series of discussions. Through this rough translation we seek to take the focus to the intentions behind, not just the curation, but also each work presented.' Nina Beier and Marie Lund

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