Friday, 11 April 2008

Mary Paterson

1)Mary Paterson;2) Baboon; 3)London;4) Writer and Producer; 5) London;6) MA Film and Visual Cultures, Middlesex University; 7) Physics, B; 8) Studio Manager; 9) ‘A Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England’, Ian Mortimer;10) ‘Ulysses’, James Joyce; 11) Jewellery Shop Assistant; 12) writerly collaborations, wresting authority from the written word, metamorphosis; 13) none; 14) Co-Director of Open Dialogues; 15) £1000; 16) ‘The Portable Virgin’, Anne Enright; 17) soporific; 18) time travel; 19) mary AT opendialogues DOT com

Curriculum Vitae
Mary Paterson / mary AT opendialogues DOT com - Writer and Producer

Co-Director, Open Dialogues (2008 – present)
Curator, The Borough Road Gallery (2011 -present)
Creative Producer, Encounter for NKLAAP (2010 - present)
General Manager, Extant (2008 - 2011)

Open Dialogues Projects
  • QUESTION TIME in association with Wooloo Productions (here) (Copenhagen 09)
  • WRITING LIVE, in association with PERFORMA and with support from Arts Council England (here) (New York 09)
  • CRITICAL COMMUNITIES, in association with New Work Network (London & Yorks 09)
  • SPILL:Overspill, in association with SPILL Festival of Performance (here) (London 09)
  • Open Dialogues: Performance Saga, in association with Performance Saga (here) (Switzerland 08 & 09)
  • Open Dialogues: New Life Berlin, in association with Wooloo Productions (Berlin 08)
Selected Other Productions & Curatorial Projects
  • Encounter, a programme of art in the public realm across North Kent, for NKLAAP (North Kent, 11 - 12)
  • The Question, a collaboration between Extant, The Open University and Battersea Arts Centre, (London 10)
  • Performance Saga, Pedagogy and Performance - a curated conversation at the ICA, part of Live Weekends: Futures and Pasts, curated by Tim Etchells (London 10)
  • Twisted Cognitive & Sublime, Sun and Doves (London 06 & 07)
  • Mise Eire, with Dylan Tighe (London & Dublin 05 - 06)
  • Minutes to Go, SPACE Studios (London 04)
Co-Director, Open Dialogues (08 - present)
Writing from Live Art (06 - 08)
Editor, Fringe Report (05 - 07)

Selected Talks and Seminars
  • 'A conversation with Sonia Dermience', curated by Very Small Kitchen and Short Term Solutions (here) (London, May 2010)
  • ‘Writing in Parallel’, University of the West of England (see event details here) (Bristol Sept 09)
  • 'Labour Practices: Keynote Paper’, Labour Practices Seminar, Curated by the Live Art Development Agency, Queen Mary University, (read the paper here, more about the project here) (London June 09)
  • ‘Confessions of a Critic’, Limoncello Punctuation Programme (London Oct 08)
  • ‘Critical Encounters: An Open Dialogues Case Study’, Writing Encounters Symposium, York St. John University (York Sept 08)
Selected Recent bibliography
For Open Dialogues writing see project websites

Critical Writing
  • 'A Navigation Through Unbound', Live Art Development Agency, Upcoming 2010 (here)
  • 'Louder than Bombs' AN Magazine, April and May 2010
  • RITE, New Work Network and Open Dialogues, December 2009
  • True Riches: the ICA and Live Art in London AN Magazine, June 2009 (here)
  • Martha Rosler: A Gesture Towards Performance Performance Saga (CH), December 2008
  • ‘Lois Weaver: “What Tammy Needs to Know …” about Socially Engaged Practice’ Dance Theatre Journal, June 2008
  • ‘A Response to Dinner with America’ in Rajni Shah, Culture Wars, 2008 (here)
  • ‘Marcia Farquhar’ Its Not Hard, June 2008
  • ’History in the Making: Performa International Biennial of Performance Art’ Total Theatre, Spring 2008
  • ’Life Exchange’ Real Time Arts (Australia) April 2008 (here)
  • Interview with Martha Rosler N.Paradoxa (UK) December 2008
  • Interview with Rebecca May Marston, Aixs (UK) 2008 (here)
Fiction & Undefined
  • ‘Yet’ Oxhouse Digital Alphabet (UK), December 2009 (here)
  • 'Stanley Picker Gallery' for Writing Exhibitions curated by David Berridge, December 2009 (here)
  • Regular contributions to 1001 Nights Cast, by Barbara Campbell (Aus & worldwide), 2007-8 (project website & story archive is here)
  • 'Secret Gallery', Notes from the Underground (UK), November 2007
    • MA Film and Visual Cultures - Middlesex University, 2008
    • MA Art History - Edinburgh University, 2002

    1) Name; 2)the name your family or partner calls you (nick-name); 3) the city you live in; 4) what you do;5) your home town; 6) MA course you did recently;7) the subject and result of your lowest GCSE grade;8) a job you had in 2008; 9) a book you are reading for pleasure;10) a book you have not read because you tried and found it off-putting or too difficult; 11) your worst job ever; 12) current writerly fascinations;13) Football team your partner supports; 14)what job you are doing now; 15)the most you have been paid for a writing commission; 16) a book you are really looking forward to reading; 17) favourite word; 18) a mild fascination that could develop into an obsession if you had more time;19) email address

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    1. Hello Mary! I just stumbled on your fresh & provocative comments about Wooloo's Life Exchange (which I hosted in NYC) & my Life Swap. You & I share a pash for collaborative work, & I'm available if you ever need me. xo, Nancy (Weber)