Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Writing Residency at the Live Art Development Agency

The Live Art Development Agency has invited Mary Paterson to be Writer in Residence. Using the online shop www.thisisUnbound.co.uk as a tool and a provocation, Mary is exploring the relationship between Live Art and online space.

Please contribute to Mary’s research by filling in the short online survey about Unbound on http://tinyurl.com/npnju4.
It only takes five minutes to complete, and everyone who takes part will receive a free, limited edition Yara El-Sherbini Decision Maker pen. The survey will be online until Tuesday 30th June 2009.

Is the internet an opportunity for free expression, a platform for developing and showcasing Live Art, and a chance to speak and share? Or is it a slush pile of unaccountable points of view and soundbites, and a resource constrained by the demands of its own upkeep?

Mary will use the publications and artefacts available on Unbound to navigate the territory surrounding Live Art - its paraphernalia, documentation and archive: how does the Live Art sector speak itself, and its history? She will also look at the ways in which artists respond to online platforms, and make use of online technology in the creation of Live Art: how does the Live Art sector make use of changing technologies?

The residency will culminate in a piece of writing to be published in 2010, and available on Unbound and in the Live Art Development Agency Study Room.

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