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Image; Sto Theatro, courtesy 10 Performances

26 November 2009, 12:00 p.m., Jubilee Theatre, Roehampton University, London

10 PERFORMANCES is a text-based performance project that explored the nature of performative writing and its relation to the staged event of performance. 10 artists will contribute one written work each. Sharing a concern with language “not as a text, but, as an event”, as Tim Etchells*, the artistic director of Forced Entertainment, has aptly noted, the project explored the notion of writing as a way of performing as well as the ways that performance is being elaborated through linguistic and writing processes. The main aim of the artists participating in the project is therefore to expand the forms and ways that one can “make writing perform” (Della Pollock, 1998:75).

The day consisted of 10 text performances by;

Mark Caffrey (Queen's University, Belfast, practice-led research student)
Barbara Campbell (Australian based visual and performance artist)
Robin Deacon (UK based performance artist, writer and filmmaker)
Matthew Goulish (USA based artist, funder member of Goat Island company)
Akillas Karazisis (Greece based director, writer and actor)
Johanna Linsley (Queen Mary University of London research student)
Cathy Naden (UK based performance artist, funder member of Forced Entertainment company)
Tamarin Norwood (Goldsmiths University of London, MFA student Art Writing)
Theron Schmidt (QMUL research student)
Danae Theodoridou (Roehampton University research student)

+1 live response by Rachel Lois Clapham (Writer and Co-Director Open Dialogues) and performer Alex Eisenberg.

See our +1 performance here

Also here

And on Scribble Live here

10 Performances is curated by DanaeTheodoridou and Justin Hunt
[AHRC Beyond Text Student-led Initiative Grant] To view the scripts of all the live works click here.

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