Monday, 23 November 2009

WRITING LIVE - continues

Image by Ryan Tracy: l - r Rachel Lois Clapham, GINA PERFORMA, Mary Paterson. The Bronx Museum, Sunday 15th November 2009.

Performa 09 drew to a close last night, 22nd November, with Scratch The Grand Finale. On the previous evening, Saturday 21st November, the Writing Live Group held our Writing Live Symposium at the Performa Hub, 41 Cooper Square.

Keep checking the Writing Live site for responses to this and the rest of Performa, and experiments in writing on, as, with or for performance.

Writing Live will continue into 2010. For now, it lives on through:

Writing Encounters, textual transactions between the US-based Writing Live 09 Fellows (Rebecca Armstrong, Tyler Coburn, Patricia Milder, Ryan Tracy, Kenny Ulloa and Peter Walsh), UK artists (Emma Cocker, Marcia Farquhar, Claire Hind, Johanna Linsley, Ben Roberts and Simon Zimmerman).

York New York, a commission of 101 postcards from York New York

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