Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Joanna Loveday and Charlotte Morgan of Critical Writing Collective are calling out for participants for their writing project at the Hazard micro-festival, in collaboration with Hub and Greenroom.


Hazard MMX: Reaction, will explore how text can react and respond to Hazard MMX,Manchester’s micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, presented by hÅb and greenroom. The festival will take place this year on Saturday 17 July 12-5pm offering strange occurrences in unexpected places around Manchester city centre.

Critical Writing Collective would like to invite four writers to participate in Hazard MMX and create written responses to the festival to be published online.

As part of a small community of writers, you will respond to Hazard MMX in a written text, which could include any of the following; approaching the entire festival as a concept/programme of work, creating a critical response to one artists work, documenting the festival as a single audience member and your experience of it, interviewing artists and audience members, documenting audience response and reaction across the city or approaching the city with no programme or time table to see Hazard working at its best (exploring the unknowing of what is performance and what is ‘reality’ in the city).

Unfortunately we cannot offer any writers a fee for taking part in the project this year, but train fares to and from Manchester will be covered. Each participating writer will be supported in writing, publishing and editing their work if required. This is a great opportunity to be involved in the first writing project to run alongside Hazard and gain a unique insight into how the festival works within the vast city centre in the form of intervention and sited performance and installation.

We are looking for regional and northern writers in particular to participate. You will need to have a strong interest in site specific, live art and contemporary performance and be willing to write accessibly for both art and non-art audiences.

Writers must be able to commit to attend the full day in Manchester 17 July 12-5pm, and a meeting at 5.30pm (in a local café) for a de-brief and open discussion with the other writers involved.

If you are interested in taking part, please email your CV to Joanna Loveday:joannaloveday@hotmail.com by no later than Monday 5 July.

Information on the festival can be found at:



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