Wednesday, 4 August 2010


VerySmallKitchen publishes WORK IN PROGRESS by Mary Paterson - the third chapbook to emerge from ART WRITING FIELD STATION.

WORK IN PROGRESS is available for online consumption and PDF download here.

'Mary’s text reveals what can be at stake in the notion of WORK IN PROGRESS: the texts, books, writings such WORK-PROGRESS is constituted by, and the libraries, book cases, and archives that they become part of; the relation of material objects to memory; written and oral; private thought and event; transformations wrought when one process, person, media makes space for and invites another into its own WORK-unfolding. Other PROGRESS-ions, too, for the reader to decide. ' Read more about the Chapbook and ART WRITING FIELD STATION here. See Rachel Lois Clapham's Chapbook 'Notes', for the same series, here.

WORK IN PROGRESS is the result of research carried out for ART WRITING FIELD STATION and Mary's residency at the Live Art Development Agency - see 'Notes towards a navigation through Unbound: from U for Unbound to A for Authority.'

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