Monday, 6 September 2010

DIY Workshops

Open Dialogues are participating in two UK workshops this September

Mary will be Thinking Space with Karen Christopher.

Thinking Space - Writing in Public

A 2-day writing workshop that looks to public spaces and the influence of location to produce plural writing, marked by space, by interruption, by bodies, by sound, and polluted by public influence.

This workshop, using methods of thought connected with placement of the body in specific contexts, will be largely a practical experience that is nonetheless stitched together with just enough theory to locate what would otherwise feel commonplace within an illuminating and self-consciously productive practice. Sessions will take place in public sites: park, train station, cafe, gallery, museum, and on public pavements in transit through the town of Whitstable.

This project is supported by Whitstable Biennale, a festival of contemporary visual art exploring performance and artists' moving image:

And Rachel Lois will be eavesdropping with Fiona Templeton alongside participating artists Philip Davenport, Becky Cremin, Daniel Gosling, Elizabeth Guthrie and Nicola Singh.

The Eavesdroppers’ Choir

A found-live-language speaking choir, based on a 3 1/2-day intensive collaborative workshop to explore techniques of gathering, creating forms with and improvising live with found language.

musical, such as rounds; poetic, such as sestina; visual, such as collage, etc. We will do this individually and as a group, again listening, creating layers, hockets, group sentences, and jams. Then we’ll take the Choir back to the streets to practice its results in situ, both with previously generated material and using the language of the immediate surroundings.

This project is one of the launch activities leading up to the third Text Festival (April-July 2011)

Photographs courtesy 1) Karen Christopher 2) Fiona Templeton

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