Saturday, 16 October 2010


By Rachel Lois

Below is a selection of documents made by myself and readers in READERS WANTED at Pigeon Wing, 3 October 2010 as part of WRITING/EXHIBITION/PUBLICATION.

Roy and me (Frame)

Becky and me (Welcome Mat)

Stella and me (Fold and press)

READERS WANTED by Rachel Lois Clapham in collaboration with Antje Hildebrandt.

READERS WANTED to share an intimate (w)reading performance for two. This is a little game, a small exercise in trust and a live cursive encounter. You can decide how long it might take. Two minutes is good though. Bring a + 1 with you if you like.

Please come. I'll be waiting.

Phil and me (Point and follow)

Helen and me (Equation)

James and me (Pre writing) 2

James and me (Pre writing) 3

Indebted to Antje Hildebrandt and all the readers at Pigeon Wing.

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