Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Prototype of Walking (S)miles

By Rachel Lois Clapham and Present Attempt

An incomplete textual sample that comes out of Walking (S)miles by Present Attempt.

Optional Instructions for Self-Assembly

1. Print the document
2. Cut each of the pages down the centre with the exception of the last page
3. Affix the cut pages to the last page
4. (W)read the document

Walking Smiles

Rachel Lois Clapham is a writer based in Bradford. She is Co-Director of Open Dialogues, a UK collaboration that produces critical writing on and as performance. She also curates radical writing with the Arts Council partnership In a word… Her regular column, Inside Performance, is published by Dance Theatre Journal. 2010 performance work includes Re- (PSL Gallery, Norwich Arts Centre and Flat-time House), READERS WANTED (Pigeon Wing), [Essaying Touch] (Islington Mill) and (W)reading Performance Writing: a Guide (Live Art Development Agency).

Present Attempt is a group of four artists making collaborative performance works since 2007. These have included studio-based pieces, site specific performances, writing and practice based research. They have shown work across the UK at venues includingthe ICA, The Greenroom, BAC, Shunt Vaults and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Recent performances include Networks 1.0 (Riverside Studios, Forest Fringe), Keeping the Park (Away Day 2010) and Walking (S)miles (Hazard Festival, Hide and Seek Weekender). Present Attempt are James Bush, Alex Eisenberg, Venla Hatakka and John Pinder.

About the performance

Walking (S)miles is an event that builds a unique ‘map’ of the city as people wander through it, collecting smiles from passers-by.

© Rachel Lois Clapham and Present Attempt. Commissioned by Hazard Festival in association with Critical Writing Collective 2010.

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