Sunday, 16 June 2013


Today is the last day of the New Performance Turku Festival.

Over the last four days the NOTAMOLESKINE community has been working with festival artists and audiences to make small talk, maps, Vines, Zeegas and ethnographic pieces based on the performances.

You can read our work on the NOTAMOLESKINE  blog hereA public discussion about the festival - and our writing within it - will be held at Titanik Gallery at 6 today.

We hope you will continue to visit the NOTAMOLESKINE blog as new texts will be posted there by the NOTAMOLESKINE Fellows for up to another two weeks.


NOTAMOLESKINE is a community of 7 writers/artists creating critical responses from the New Performance Turku Festival and uploading them onto web and social media platforms. 

Creating documents from inside festival performances on handhelds, laptops and notepads, and in that moment of creation looking away from the presented work, NOTAMOLESKINE embraces a unique trajectory in which notes, diagrams, interviews and essays made from live performance can be located on festival web and social media as stand-alone pieces.  

The NOTAMOLESKINE community is Rachel Lois Clapham, Alex EisenbergEmilia KarjulaVenla LuomaMaria SäköMiika Sillanpää and Tuuli Suhonen (NOTAMOLESKINE Associate).

See NOTAMOLESKINE documents in  up-printed media in festival venues, on the festival blogFacebook or follow @NPTurku with #NOTAMOLESKINE


NOTAMOLESKINE is produced by Rachel Lois Clapham as Open Dialogues with New Performance Turku Festival. It contributes towards NOTA, an Open Dialogues research framework pressing on the time, quality and place of notes in relation to performance.

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