Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Inside Performance

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Dance Theatre Journal is the UK's leading magazine for dance and live art. Published four times a year, Dance Theatre Journal contains reviews, features, interviews and in-depth discussions by leading dance writers and artists, as well as talented new writers. It also includes up-to-date listings of dance performances and workshops throughout the UK.

‘Inside Performance’ is a serialised writing project developed by Rachel Lois Clapham for Dance Theatre Journal. Taking the form of a regular newspaper or magazine ‘column’ Inside Performance is a personal journey into the practice of writing from or as performance from Rachel Lois’ position as a writer and Co-Director of Open Dialogues. The column will feature Rachel Lois' own writing, as well as conversations, commissions, page works and texts from other artists on the subject of writing and performance.

Here is a short excerpt from the first column published in Issue 23 no. 2, 2009 :

‘With the sky generally falling down around us; with ACE funding all but gone, the ongoing pressure to professionalise performance and faced with the long haul of global recession, the act of ambling or dilly dallying (in writing) has never felt more important.

It is real editorial luxury to have costly page space lounged upon by an authors self-reflexive meanderings. Especially when the subject of that writing is not finished, or is un-tethered to a review, to any one artist or PHD thesis, but is instead located off the page somewhere in the atmosphere of writing and performance.

In this sense, writing about writing on performance (moreover dilly dallying about it) as opposed to actually writing on performance, is exorbitant. ...It values that which is not usually held dear or considered protocol; the behind the scenes, personal and professional experiences of the writer of which the writing is representative......’

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