Friday, 14 May 2010


'NOTES- the before, after and during; final, continual and provisional; eventual and event-full.' David Berridge, Very Small Kitchen 2010.

NOTES by Rachel Lois Clapham is the second in a series of chapbooks developed by contributors to the ART WRITING FIELD STATION curated by David Berridge as part of Very Small Kitchen.

NOTES began with Rachel Lois’ live-writing performance as part of ART WRITING FIELD STATION Leeds on 27th March 2010.

'This new chapbook NOTES distils a sequence of drawing-writings (NOTES) from that original performance and evokes a sense-making towards calligraphic, asemic, documenting, and (glyphic-) exploratory art writing.

As someone who was at ART WRITING FIELD STATION in Leeds, these markings still bear traces of the presentations during which they were composed, the (spoken) (written) words they were in proximity to and positioned themselves with/against/towards. But confronted with the new spaces of this PDF publication, such tracings fade as these markings begin to stake out the complexities of new tonal and gestural economies. ' David Berridge 2010.

There are some NOTES (typed) from the before of NOTES (live performance) here.

Additonal information surrounding this work here

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