Thursday, 13 May 2010


by Rachel Lois Clapham in collaboration with Antje Hildebrandt.

READERS WANTED to share an intimate (w)reading performance for two. This is a little game, a small exercise in trust and a live cursive encounter. You can decide how long it might take. Two minutes is good though. Bring a + 1 with you if you like. Please come. I'll be waiting.

Michelle and me

James and me

JMW and me


Nb. I am waiting for you
You set off on from your home
Nb. I am waiting for you
You arrive in the park
Nb. I am waiting for you
You find me
Nb. I am waiting for you
You take your shoes off and come inside
Nb. I am no longer waiting
We blindfold one another
I whisper to you
We might touch
We (w)read together
Then we look at what we have made
You leave me
You return home

Nb. I am still waiting for you

Michelle and me.

READERS WANTED was commissioned by Very Small Kitchen as part of AWAY DAY London 2010.

The work also features in How To Diagram, the inaugural Goldsmiths College Art Writing MFA exhibition and in WRITING/EXHIBITION/PUBLICATION at The Pigeon Wing, London (Documents here).


Rachel Lois Clapham is a writer and Co-Director of Open Dialogues, a UK based collaboration producing critical writing on and as performance.

Antje Hildebrandt is a performer and choreographer based in London. She often works with other artists and is a member of Trio, a collective of four artists interested in collaborative performance practice. Antje is currently interested in issues concerning language, text and spectatorship within the live event.

All text and images copyright Rachel Lois Clapham 2010

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