Sunday, 13 February 2011

ACCESS ALL AREAS: Live Art and Disability, 4 & 5 March 2011

by Mary Paterson

This weekend the Live Art Development Agency is producing a programme of art, debate and action linked to disability, identity and artistic practice. I will be going along as an interested audience member, as a writer, and as a producer.

The programme features a performance by Noemi Lakmaier and a contribution from Maria Oshodi. I am working with Noemi Lakmaier over the next few months while she carries out two new pieces of work: 'Undress/ Redress' for Access All Areas, and a commission for ArtsAdmin. We have been discussing her work (amongst other things) in a series of lengthy intrerviews/ conversations, which will result in an in-depth text later this year (see this post). I also have a vested interest in Extant, where Maria Oshodi is the Artistic Director. I've been working as a manager and producer with Extant for the last two and a half years, helping to produce shows like The Question (an experiment in immersive, tactile and audio theatre using haptic technology).

But mostly I will be going along as a member of the audience, hoping to think through some ideas that have been spinning through my mind about, inclusion and exclusion, societies and individuals ...

>> How does live art work as a strategy in relation to identity? And for whom?
>> What (dis)advantages does the context of 'disability arts' confer on artists' work?
>> What common threads can be drawn between/ through/ across mental illness and physical disability?
>> What role do access workers or 'creative enablers' (to use Pete Edwards' term) play in the making process?

See also my review of Sean Burn as part of 'Louder than Bombs' at the Stanley Picker Gallery last year.

Details below:

Image: Noemi Lakmaier 'Undress/ Redress' (c) Noemi Lakmaier

Live Art is truly the avant-garde forum for Disability Art and at the forefront of Disability Art practice, thinking and theory.
Dr Paul Darke (DASh)

The Live Art Development Agency presents a two-day public programme reflecting the ways in which the practices of artists who work with Live Art have engaged with, represented, and problematicised issues of disability in innovative and radical ways.

Friday 4 March from 19.00 & Saturday 5 March from 12.00/ Club Row Gallery, Rochelle School, London, E2 7ES

Image: Martin O'Brien 'Mucus Factory' (c) Martin O'Brien

- Mucus Factory, a durational performance-installation by Martin O’Brien. A Live Art Development Agency commission.
(4 March from 19.00 and 5 March from 12.00)

- Undress/Redress, a durational performance-installation by Noemi Lakmaier. A Live Art Development Agency commission.
(4 March from 19.00 and 5 March from 12.00)

- Robots Destroy the Tower of Babble!, a new performance by The Disabled Avant-Garde. With screenings of earlier DAG works (4 March from 19.00)

- A landmark symposium with Tonny A, Jon Adams, Bobby Baker, Caroline Bowditch, Sean Burn, The Disabled Avant-Garde (Aaron Williamson & Katherine Araniello), Pete Edwards, Mat Fraser (on film), Tony Heaton, Raimund Hoghe (on film), Brian Lobel, Catherine Long, Rita Marcalo, Tomislav Medak, Kim Noble, Maria Oshodi, Luke Pell, Jenny Sealy, and Rajni Shah. (5 March, 13.00 to 19.00).

- Screenings of influential performance documentation and works for camera by Katherine Araniello, Back To Back Theatre, Bobby Baker, Mary Duffy, Pete Edwards, Extant, Mat Fraser, Raimund Hoghe, David Hoyle, Alan McLean & Tony Mustoe, Aine Phillips, Juliet Robson, and Aaron Williamson. (4 March from 19.00 and 5 March from 12.00).

- A bibliotheque of key books and DVDs (4 March from 19.00 and 5 March from 12.00).

- Plus - Jon Adams’ Dysarticulate 2 (Saturday 5 March, from 12.00, Club Row Gallery surrounds) and Rita Marcalo’s She’s Lost Control (Thursday 3 March at 19.00 and 21.00pm at Rich Mix).
Full Access All Areas programme, venue, booking and access details can be found here.

Tickets available online through the Events Shelf on Unbound & on the phone +44 (0)207 033 0275

Access All Areas is part of Restock, Rethink, Reflect, a series of Live Art Development Agency initiatives for, and about, artists who are exploring issues of identity politics and cultural diversity in innovative and radical ways.

Access All Areas is financially assisted by Arts Council England, with additional support from Tower Hamlets Council and British Council, Croatia.

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