Saturday, 23 June 2012

Writing Machine: Live Art UK Gathering

by Mary Paterson

Live Art is not interested in the articulation of real talent; live art is interested in the articulation of real desire.  If you can tolerate this, then see what’s coming next.  Art is the name for all the things we do that try to change the world.   A lot of direct action is bad performance.   Online space is corporately owned, private space. Good things happen on the periphery.  Is it important that I like the work that I produce?   How things are valued is very much to do with where they are – that’s not right, but it is a fact.  We are interested in artists; but what we’re really interested in is ideas. I promise you, I never deliberately programmed any live art.    None of this is new, but what it is, these days, is really fashionable.  There is no work that is not participative – so what are we talking about when we say “participation” and “engagement”?

A collection of statements from the Live Art UK Gathering, BAC June 2012.  
Stacy Mackishi. Matt Ball.  Andy Field.  Kevin Smith.  Boo Chapelle.  Louise Jeffreys.  Joshua SofaerLyn Gardner.  Helen Marriage.  Louise Jeffreys.   Helen Marriage.   Joshua Sofaer.  

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