Friday, 13 February 2015

NOT A Contemporary Theatre Review

By Rachel Lois

Mary and I have just finished a text on NOTA for Contemporary Theatre Review's (CTR) Intervention series, commissioned to sit alongside CTR's special issue on 'Editing' (25.1). The text features a selection of notes from our performance of NOTA at  Cross-Cultural Live Art Platform, curated by Something Human, at the Proud Archivist in London, November 2014. 

Johanna Linsley of the CTR Editorial team on NOTA in the context of the Intervention series: 

'Alongside these features on editing, we also offer reflections from two different projects that deliberately subvert or refuse the edit. Both projects deal with performance documentation – NOTA is a performative intervention that occurs alongside performance events and explores notation, while Emergency Index is an annual compendium of performance documentation submitted by artists. As well, both projects toy with a utopian idea of unmediated response, while complicating this idea with attention to mechanisms like administration and design. Questions of labour, funding and independent or autonomous production also connect NOTA and Emergency Index, and add complexity to the wider discussion of what it means to not edit. Finally, while each is situated firmly IRL (in real life), they nevertheless explore a kind of radical indeterminacy that might be considered ‘virtual’.'

The text and images are online here 

NOTA: NOT, NOTES, NOTER (NOTA), NOT/A, is a research framework produced by Open Dialogues (Rachel Lois Clapham and Mary Paterson) that presses on the time, place and quality of notes in relation to performance.  Read more about this long term project here and here

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